Meet the team

POCUS Frimley Faculty

  • Lorenzo Cristoni

    Lorenzo Cristoni

    Consultant in Acute Medicine

    Dr Lorenzo Cristoni is a Consultant in Acute Medicine at Kingstone Hospital. He has a 22 years experience in point of care ultrasound, ranging from advanced echo to ultrasound of […] Read More…

  • Andy Walden

    Andy Walden

    Consultant in Acute Medicine

    Dr Andy Walden is a consultant in Acute Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine and has been involved in POCUS since 2008. He helped to develop the FUSIC and FAMUS competencies […] Read More…

  • Rachel Vivian

    Rachel Vivian

    Consultant in Emergency Medicine

    Dr Rachel Vivian is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, where she is College Tutor and a POCUS mentor. She has completed an Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship […] Read More…

  • Martin Dachsel

    Martin Dachsel

    Acute Medicine Consultant

    Dr Martin Dachsel is an Acute Medicine Consultant and Ultrasound Enthusiast. He has been using POCUS for over 12 years and has been teaching POCUS nationally for over 10 years. […] Read More…

  • Carlo Arrigo

    Carlo Arrigo

    Consultant in Emergency Medicine

    Dr Carlo Arrigo is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, POCUS lead for the Emergency Department, POCUS HEE KSS Regional deputy lead. Carlo’s commitment […] Read More…

  • Marcus Peck

    Marcus Peck

    Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

    Dr Marcus Peck is a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at Frimley Park Hospital, co-chair of the Focused Ultrasound for Intensive Care (FUSIC) committee and author of the […] Read More…

  • Eshan Ashcroft

    Eshan Ashcroft

    Cardiac Physiologist

    Dr Eshan Ashcroft is a BSE accredited Cardiac Physiologist in Echo, lead of ultrasound training for all cardiac registrars and training echocardiographers at Ashford and St Peters Hospital. Read More…

  • Sanjoy Ray

    Sanjoy Ray

    Clinical Fellow in Cardiology

    Dr Sanjoy Ray, Consultant in Acute Medicine and Clinical Fellow in Cardiology, at Frimley Park Hospital, with more than 10 years of experience in Cardiology and accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography […] Read More…

  • Dr Justin Kirk-Bayley

    Justin Kirk-Bayley

    Consultant in Intensive Care

    Dr Justin Kirk-Bayley is a Consultant in Intensive Care , Lead of the ITU at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. He is known nationally and internationally for his incredible experience […] Read More…

  • Sitara Khan

    Sitara Khan

    Consultant Cardiologist

    Dr Sitara Khan is a Consultant Cardiologist at Frimley Park Hospital, echo lead for the Trust, BSE accredited for TT and TE echo. Sitara is a FICE supervisor, an exceptional […] Read More…

  • Upinder Dial

    Upinder Dial

    Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine

    Dr Upinder Dial is a Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine at King’s College London Hospital NHS foundation trust, Princess Royal University Hospital. She has a wealth of experience in point […] Read More…

  • Roberto Lauro

    Roberto Lauro

    Consultant in General Surgery

    Mr Roberto Lauro is a Consultant in General Surgery, HPB/UGI and Emergency Surgery at Sette laghi Hospital, Varese, Italy.. He has a huge experience in ultrasound as operator and mentor, […] Read More…

  • Arthur Lieveld

    Arthur Lieveld

    Medical Specialist, Internal medicine

    Arthur put his official acute internal medicine (AIM) training in The Netherlands on hold in March 2019 and moved to Reading to do a yearlong AIM and POCUS fellowship at […] Read More…