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Critical Care Outreach POCUS

October 10 All day

Time & Location

10th October All day
Thames Lido, Napier Road, Reading, RG1 8FR

About the Event

Target audience:
The course is specifically tailored for clinicians working with deteriorating patients in critical care settings.

Designed to enhance your diagnostic capabilities and improve patient care, this course covers essential areas including the heart, lungs, abdomen, vascular access, and detection of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
Through a combination of lectures, hands-on workshops, and case studies, participants will gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for integrating POCUS into their clinical practice effectively.

1. Develop proficiency in performing and interpreting cardiac ultrasound examinations for the assessment of undifferentiated shock.
2. Acquire competency in lung ultrasound techniques for patients in respiratory failure to evaluate for pneumothorax, pleural effusion, pulmonary oedema, and lung consolidations.
3. Become familiar with abdominal ultrasound skills for patients with AKI for the identification of hydronephrosis and urine retention.
4. Learn techniques for peripheral vascular access using ultrasound guidance.
5. Understand the principles and protocols for detecting deep vein thrombosis (DVT) using ultrasound imaging, including lower extremity venous assessment.

REsUS programe:
Possibility of enrolling in the Remote Supervision programme hiring a Butterfly IQ device


For info and registration:
Email Mrs Roberta Fortunato at

Thames Lido, Napier Road, Reading, RG1 8FR

Napier Road
Reading, RG1 8FR