Remote Supervision in Ultrasonography (ReSUS)

Are you seeking training and accreditation in FUSIC, FAMUS or Core EM ultrasound? Are you willing to collect your portfolio of studies quickly and securely after attending the course? Is the availability of an accredited mentor and of an US machine an issue in your workplace?

If your answers are “yes” then you may be interested in our new program: ReSUS (Remote supervision in Ultrasonography). ReSUS has 4 components:

The ultrasound probe Butterfly IQ*

The Butterfly IQ is a revolutionary multipurpose US probe that plugs directly to your smartphone (iPhone or Samsung) or iPad, used as the screen. It is the most efficient on the market (ratio quality of imaging/cost) and provides tools for remote supervision.

The cloud

Each study is uploaded from your smartphone to the Butterfly cloud, where it is securely stored. This is the smartest way to fill the portfolio required by the curriculum pursued.

The remote supervision

The cloud, provided by the project, is directly linked to the Med School Dashboard that can be accessed remotely on a PC by the mentor/supervisor, who can than review the images, provide feedback and take you up to the completion of your portfolio and to the final accreditation.

A specific part of the remote supervision is the teleguidance, that allows a supervision in real time of the scanning activity, with instant feedback. The teleguidance is dedicated to the first few scans that need to be performed under direct supervision. 

The finishing school

At the completion of the portfolio a finishing school can be attended for the triggered assessment and final sign off of competences.